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Terms and Conditions



1) Purpose and scope of application

These Terms and Conditions have the goal of regulating the relationship between ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.®, a trading company of Spanish nationality with address at Cartagena street 253 bajos, 08025 Barcelona (Spain) and N.I.F. (Fiscal ID) No. ESB60239290 inscribed in the Mercantile Register of the Province of Barcelona, Volume 25686, Folio 0156, Sheet 92.998 and the Customer, regarding all the transactions carried out on the website located in

 You may contact us by telephoning +34.93.433.19.47 or sending an email to

Your use of the Website is subject to the Terms & Conditions on this site, which set out the basis for using the site.

Whether you register on not, you will still be obliged by these Ts&Cs, and you also accept to be subject to the terms of our Privacy Policy that explains the use we are authorised to make about your personal information.

Please read these Website Terms carefully as well as our Privacy Policy that governs our relationship with you.

We may modify these Terms at any time by publishing the modified terms on the website. All the terms amended will automatically take effect the moment they are published. Please check these Website Terms regularly to be informed of of any possible change. Continuing to use the Website will imply that you accept all the Terms it contains at the moment of usage.

2) Prices and taxes

All prices of products and delivery costs (if applicable) include Value Added Tax as corresponds,  except in exempt countries. Delivery costs will be added to the order. We will always inform you of the total price, including all taxes and other charges such as possible delivery charges.

Prices may be subject to change without prior warning, but these changes will not affect any orders already accepted.

3) Purchasing online

Purchasing products or making an order must be done by clicking on the "ORDER" that is visible on the purchasing page, and this will express total acceptance of all the Terms and conditions, as set out on the Website of ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® before the purchase of the products, without applying any possible subsequent novelty in the clauses of the Terms & Conditions at a later date.

From the moment of acceptance, the user becomes a Customer of the Company as described in these terms and conditions. Any product or service offered subsequently by ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S. L® should be the object of new hiring.

ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® informs you that it files the documents electronically to formalise the purchase/s.

If the Customer were to make a mistake on sending the data, they might modify this data in the section MY ACCOUNT, and this will be taken into account for future purchases If the error occurs in the order in question, the Customer should contact our offices.

4) Secure purchase

ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L® undertakes to protect the personal information of our customers. We use the industry standard encryption protocol known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to keep your order information secure. All orders are sent encoded. To make sure your order is secure, simply check in your Internet browser while you are in the order section. Most browsers use some type of symbol to alert that you are on a secure site. When you create an account with us, we store your delivery and billing information, but this data will not be used by anyone outside ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® Except third parties offering services related with

During the purchase, we will need the identification number (CVV) on the customer's credit card if the purchase is made with the card. The CVV is a 3 or 4-digit number that provides an encoded control of the information recorded on the card. This safety characteristic is designed to protect the consumer from fraud. Your CVV will not be stored on our systems, and you will have to provide this number whenever you purchase on

The data you are requested to send are:

-Name of the card holder

-Expiry date 

-Cryptogram, 3-figure number on the reverse of the card.

- Security code or system of verification coordinates from your bank to make 

a secure purchase (code that arrives before the purchase is made as a text message).


5) Fraud checking

To protect our clients and maintain the security of online purchases, we may carry out checks on the data you provide when placing an order. These controls may include address and mode of payment verification to prevent fraud.

6) Methods of payment


We accept the following payment methods:





Depositing payment into the account of ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L., and then sending proof of payment to The product will be dispatched as soon as the Administration Department confirms payment.

For the payment process, ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L. will use services supplied by third parties unrelated to ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® and, in particular, the PAYMENT GATEWAY of the financial entity Caixabank (an online payment gateway that works as a virtual point of sale terminal). According to the method of payment, the providers of these services will request certain data from the Customer to process payment. Once the payment process has ended successfully, the contract will be considered formalised, and ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L. will confirm the contract via electronic mail.

Please bear in mind that we will not accept methods of payment not specified above. If you try to pay with any other method of payment, we will not be liable for the loss of your payment or any other damage your action may cause.

Payment will only be accepted in Euros (€).

7) Delivery costs 

We ship to Peninsular Spain, Balearic Islands and Eurozone countries (Germany, Austria. Belgium, Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal).

The courier company responsible for transport and delivery of all our orders is Nacex. We do not deliver to post office boxes.

Delivery costs are free 

8) Formalizing the purchase

The prices on the Website include VAT and may be modified at any time. However, any possible changes will not affect orders for which an Order Confirmation has already been sent. Once you have chosen the articles you wish to purchase, these will be added to your shopping basket, and the next step will be to process the order and make the payment. For this purpose, follow the steps of the purchasing process, filling in or checking the information requested at each stage. During the purchasing process, before making the payment, you can modify the data of your order.

The purchase is formalised when you click on "CONFIRM ORDER", and after the receipt sent to your e-mail account, you are then committed purchase, nevertheless, please check the section "returns".

The receipt sent to you by email is an automatic acknowledgement that means we have received your purchase order. However, acknowledgement does not mean that we have accepted your offer and we reserve the explicit right to reject it even after you have received the automatic acknowledgement, in which case you will be duly notified.

Your contract to purchase these articles does not finalise until we send you a second email notifying that the items have been dispatched.

If you made a mistake with your order, please contact our Customer Attention Service, and they will be delighted to help you. Nevertheless, please check your order carefully before sending it.

The customer of ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.®. undertakes to act diligently and in good faith when using the portal, to pay the established price, and will be held responsible for the truthfulness of the data submitted to carry out the transaction.

9) Availability and validity of the order

 If you order products that are not in stock, we reserve the right not to accept the purchase order. You will be informed via email and any payment made will be returned.

The prices and offers on the Website are valid at the moment of purchase unless other specific terms to the contrary are expressed on the site. There may be errors in prices or wording.

Data regarding a specific product (the price, among others) could change from day to day and are not binding. If a product is unavailable or cannot be manufactured and the customer has already paid ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L. by bank transfer or credit card for it (thus confirming their intention to purchase), ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L. has no obligation to deliver the product and ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.  always has the right to reimburse the payment in full. Of course, ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L. will inform the customer the reason for the reimbursement as soon as possible.

10) Orders


- To order, follow the purchasing procedure established in our “online shop” and click on "Authorise payment". After this, you will receive an email message acknowledging receipt of the order ("Order Confirmation"). We will also inform you by email when the product has been dispatched ("Shipping Confirmation").

The online shop is open 24 hours a day. However, sometimes it may be closed for maintenance. For your convenience, we make every effort to carry out any maintenance work during the night.

To purchase in you must be at least 18 years old and hold a credit card accepted by us.

We may reject an order or cancel a purchase in any of the following cases, and we will not be liable for any damages or costs. You will be notified by email before any action is taken, in an attempt to solve the problem and return any payment made:

- If your payment information is incorrect or cannot be verified.

 - If your order could have been made with a fraudulent intention, or related to a crime or other illegal activity.

- If there has been an unintentional error in the Online Shop, e.g., a payment error, etc.

- If we have reason to believe that you are underage.

- If the delivery address is outside the established delivery countries or area or could not be delivered to the address you supplied us with.

On making an order in our Online shop, you are requesting to purchase the chosen products under the established terms and conditions. We may accept or reject your request at our discretion. 

11) Checking the products on reception of the order

Please bear in mind that once the order has been delivered, you are responsible for the products ordered. If the packaging is damaged, please do not accept it. Notwithstanding your rights, it is your responsibility to inspect the product and notify us in case of any problem.

If a product delivered is different from what was ordered and the mistake is attributable to ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.®, the correct product will be sent to the customer at no additional cost.

If a product delivered to the customer is found to be broken, damaged or in bad condition, ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® will replace it with an undamaged product at no additional cost.

12) Delivery deadlines

ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L. ® undertakes to dispatch the products within a week of reception of the order, if the products are in stock in our installations. If the product is not in stock, delivery will take place as soon as possible, once it has been manufactured and the customer will be notified of this, in case they wish to cancel the order.

If for any reason, we were unable to meet the delivery deadline, you will be informed of this fact and you have the choice of continuing with the purchase, with a new delivery date, or cancelling the order and receiving a full refund of the amount paid. Please bear in mind that we do not deliver on Saturdays or Sundays

Once the order has been dispatched, delivery time will depend on the courier service and the location of the client, and should not take more than one week in Europe. During holiday periods, delivery of orders may take up to 25 working days from confirmation by email.  If the order needs to be manufactured, the delivery period can take up to 20 days, in which case the client will be informed, in case they wish to cancel their order. 

ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L. ® will not be liable for possible delays in delivery due to third parties, such as logistics agencies.

For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, it is understood that the delivery has occurred, or the order has been "delivered" the moment you or a third party indicated by you acquires the material possession of the products.

13) Guarantees

ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® Will be liable before the client for any lack of conformity displayed in the deliveries for a period of two years, as established in current legislation. This guarantee will exclude faults caused by wear and tear as well as misuse and any exclusions contemplated in current legislation.

All our products come with a certificate guaranteeing the quality of the diamonds and the materials used to make the product.

Any guarantee will be void if the product has been manipulated by third parties or personnel not authorised for this purpose by ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® 

In any case, all products purchased by the Customer through the purchasing process established on our Website will have the legally established guarantee for consumer goods, namely, its conformity with the description on the website and with these General Terms and Conditions.

14) Exchange and return policy

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the purchased products and in compliance with the Law, you are entitled to return any article purchased within 14 days of reception. The product must be returned with its original labelling and seals. Under no circumstances will any component be accepted for return lacking these labels-seals. 

Products purchased from the Online shops cannot be returned in any sales outlets of official distributors.

Before returning the product, it is necessary to contact the Customer Attention Department by email,  indicating the reference number of your order in the subject line.

If the return is because the article is faulty or is not what was ordered, ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L. will pay for the return expenses and the cost of sending the correct item. If the reason for returning the order is that it does not satisfy the client, we will reimburse the amount paid for the item but not the transport expenses to return it.

Returns of articles with unpaid postage will not be accepted. Due to the type of product and for greater security, we recommend any returns to be sent through a courier service. In this case, ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.®. will not be held liable nor will the company insure the delivery made by the Customer.

The guarantee offered by ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® covers possible manufacturing faults, but not those caused by misuse, more specifically, the following are not covered:

Damages due to loss or theft.

Wear caused by inappropriate use, lack of proper care (chlorine, salt, alcohol, perfumes) or accidents.” (See our FAQs for information about cleaning and use).

Damage caused repairs not carried out by ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.®.

The following will not be accepted as manufacturing faults:

- Dents and scratches caused during regular use of the article.

- Stains or differences in the shine of the gold, diamonds, other gems and materials used in the article caused by external chemical agents.

- Detachment or breakage of gemstones or other elements applied, due to dropping or sharp impact.

The guarantee may be invalidated if third parties have manipulated the products.


We recommend the inclusion of the following information in the mail:

• Order number

• Description of the fault

• Photographic evidence

All our jewels have a security label that allows the piece to be tried on, but not used and then returned. Once the label or security seal has been cut or manipulated, the jewel cannot be returned.

Returns must be sent back to our central offices with their seals intact and in perfect condition under the responsibility of the buyer.

Bespoke or personalised jewels cannot be returned.

We recommend that you send your jewel in a secure and sealed package, with all its documents.

 Tip: Do not place any visible indication of the value on the package.

As proof of return, we recommend that you keep the ticket or receipt received from the courier service, in proof that you have handed over and delivered the article.

Once the returned products have been checked in our Centre, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that the amount paid for the product will be reimbursed by the same method as used when purchasing it.

Remember that the time taken to receive the payment in your account will depend on your bank.

Size change

To change the size of an article, we offer a collection and delivery service through our courier, which is only available in the Iberian Peninsula. This service is free of charge.

For other countries, customers should send the article to our office (paying for the insurance and delivery expenses) and repurchase the article in the desired size, as a new order.

Please write to, for all the information necessary for these procedures.

Our jewels are made in compliance with the quality standards of ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® 

Jewels made by ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® are guaranteed for two years from the purchase date. 

15) Images 

Some articles may seem a little larger or smaller than in real life due to the configuration of the screen and photographic techniques. Other articles may be depicted at a larger than life-size to display details more clearly, or smaller than real life, to show the whole article. Also, the colours in the photographs of products in the On-line shop may be altered due to the resolution of your monitor and may be different from the real thing.

16) Warning about fake products

Products made by ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® are exclusively available on the website of ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® ( and sales outlets of official distributors. Buyers should be aware of possible fake ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® products Sold through unauthorised channels.


17) Customer Attention

For any complaint or query, please contact ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S. L® through the appropriate section on the website or through the following communication channels:

Phone: +34 93 433 19 47     Email: 

18) Language

The language used in the contract between ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® and the Customer is Spanish or English in non-Spanish speaking countries.


19) Responsibilities of the Company 

ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® guarantees the quality of the service requested from the Online shop.

All rights of consumers and users established by Law are guaranteed.

A breach of any of these Terms and Conditions may give rise to the return of the products or the cancellation of the services purchased by the Customer.


20) The Client's responsibilities

The Customer is obliged to make lawful use of the Services and not harm the rights and interests of third parties.

The Customer will guarantee the truthfulness and exactitude of the data submitted on filling in the order forms, avoiding harm to ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® as a result of mistakes in them.

A breach of any of these terms and conditions may give rise to withdrawal or cancellation of the services supplied by ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® without needing to provide the Customer with prior warning and not entitling the Customer to any compensation.


21) Personal data and commercial communications 

We inform you that your personal data will be included in a database owned by ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.®, to manage your order, attending to queries and sending you information about products and services offered by ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S. L® .

You may exercise your rights to access, correct, cancel and oppose the use of this data, as well as withdraw consent given for sending commercial correspondence by contacting the offices of the company in writing or sending an email to the following address: , indicating your name and surname as well as your DNI or equivalent ID document number.


22) Industrial and Intellectual property

Industrial and Intellectual property rights on any of the work, brands, logos, and any other content in the Website of ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S. L® correspond exclusively to ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® Or third parties that have authorised their inclusion in the Website. Any unauthorised reproduction, distribution, commercialisation or transformation of these works, brands, logos, etc. will be a breach of the Industrial and Intellectual property rights of ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® or their respective owner, and may give rise to the corresponding legal or out-of-court actions to defend our rights.

Additionally, the information accessed by the Customer on the Website may be protected by Industrial, Intellectual or other property rights. ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L.® will not be liable under any circumstances for breaches of these rights committed by the user.


23) Jurisdiction and Legislation

No failure or delay in the exercise of any right on the part of the Company or  recourse established in law by virtue of these terms of the Website and no single or partial exercise of these rights or recourse will affect or be understood as a waiver of these rights and will not impede actions being taken at any time in the future.

We will not be held liable for any breach of these Website Terms caused by circumstances beyond our control.

If a Law Court were to declare any clause of these Website Terms invalid or non-enforceable, it will be eliminated but will not affect the validity of the rest of the Website Terms.

These Website Terms and Conditions signify the complete agreement between you and us with regard to any Contract.

These Website Terms and Conditions will be governed and interpreted by Spanish legislation. The relationship between  ANTONIO SORIA E HIJOS S.L. ® and the Customer will be governed by Spanish legislation, and any controversy will be subject to the Law Courts of  Barcelona (Spain).

The Company will pursue any breach of these Terms and Conditions, as well as any misuse of the website   with all the civil and penal actions that may be applicable in law.



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